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Quick Start Guide

Follow these simple steps to get your website ready to launch today.

  1. Log Into Your Admin Site
  2. Update Your Account Info
  3. Choose Your Template
  4. Upload a Logo
  5. Update Your Home Page
  6. Publish Your Website

Step 1 – Log Into Your Admin Site

Whether you sign-up for a trial or purchase a package, you should receive an email containing your login information. If you have signed up for an account and have not received this email or if you accidentally deleted this email, please contact to receive your login information.

If your website is already live, just add “/admin” to your web address to access your login page:

Step 2 – Update Your Account Info

Before you launch your website, you’ll want to make sure your contact info is accurate and up-to-date. To check your contact info, go to My Account and scroll down to the Contact Information section. If you see anything that needs to be changed, type your changes and click “Save Changes”.

It’s important to note that all of the information under Contact Info will appear on your website with the exception of your first and last name and the notification email.

The following information is public and will appear on your website:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • NMLS#
  • Email address
  • Company

The notification email address will be used for sending email notifications whenever someone enters information on one of your online forms. This is referred to as a “lead” which can be reviewed under the Leads section on the Admin Site.

To find out more information about making changes in My Account, including reseting your password, check out this page.

Once you have confirmed that all of your information is correct you are ready to move on to Step 3.

Step 3 – Choose Your Template

Now that you have your correct contact information entered, you will want to select the template theme that you think will make the best impression on your site visitors. To view all available themes go to Settings. The first tab, labeled “Site Design”, is dedicated to the design of your website. Here you will see your website themes. The active theme is highlighted in yellow. To change to another theme, simply click on the theme you want to see and click “Set Theme” at the bottom of the page.

Changing your template theme will never result in the loss of any of your data, although certain themes may not contain all of the same features and so some content will appear to be missing. Don’t worry, you can always switch back to your previous theme. If you find that you don’t like the way a template looks, keep clicking around until you find the one that works for you and remember that you can change your template at any time you like, even after going live.

Once you are satisfied with your template theme you are ready to upload a logo in Step 4.

Step 5 – Update Your Home Page

Since our standard template content is only meant to serve as a placeholder, we recommend that you update your home page content to reflect your company’s mission and brand.

To change your content, you have two options: Edit Mode and Live Editor Mode.

Edit Mode

Edit mode will allow you to change the body of your home page, as well as meta tags which are useful for targeting traffic from search engines. To launch the Edit Mode, go to Site Content and click the Edit button next to “Homepage”. You should see a page with two sections: Page Details and Page Body. Under Page Body, try adding some unique content. You can type in text or use the toolbar to change formats and fonts. You can also add photos and hyperlinks. Remember to click “Save” when you are done making changes.

Live Editor Mode

Live Editor Mode allows you to view the entire page as you edit it. To launch Live Editor Mode, go to Site Content and click the “Live Editor” button. This will open the page in a new tab or window. With the Live Editor you have access to additional page sections outside of the page body. Editable regions will have a dotted outline and a pencil icon on the top left corner. Click on any of these regions to begin editing the same way you would in your favorite word processor. You also have access to a toolbar a the top of the screen for making more complicated edits. Remember to save changes when you are finished editing the page.

Once you have updated your page content feel free to continue editing other pages like About Us and Contact Us. Once you are done editing you are ready for the final step, making your website live!

To learn more about editing your pages check out our Edit Pages page.

Step 6 – Publish Your Website

Whether you had a website with another company or are launching your website for the first time, the steps for publishing your website are the same. In order to make your website live, changes must be made to your domain settings. This must be done through your domain name registrar.

Please notify your representative of which option you choose:

  1. Please provide me with the information and instructions and I will make the changes myself
  2. Please make the changes on my behalf.

If you select option 2 you will need to provide your representative with your username and password for your registrar account (commonly so that they can complete the changes.

Once these changes are made, your website is officially live, however, some time may be required for the changes to fully take affect.

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