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Digital Mortgage Point of Sale

The fully customizable Loanzify POS platform brings you cutting edge loan and client management tools to allow you to close more loans, with a faster turn time, and with a better client experience.

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Holistic Solution from Shopping Through Funding

Building all your essential mortgage tools in one seamlessly integrated platform.




Loan Team

Loan Manager

The loan platform that delivers a hassle-free experience to close your loan faster. Manage and see every step with the Milestone Tracker. From application to loan approval, Loanzify keeps you on track and fully informed the whole way through.

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LenderHomePage mortgage websites

Calculate and
Break It Down

Monthly Payments, Affordability, Refinance Scenarios. Determine your monthly mortgage payments by estimating your total loan amount, mortgage term length, and interest rate.

Let us show you more

A platform so packed with tools and features, a landing page can't do it justice. Schedule a demo and we'll show you how our POS platform will reinvent the way you do business.

Enjoyable Borrower Journey - 1003 App

Loanzify's 1003 borrower intake is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. The interview-style questionnaire and user-friendly interface make intake a breeze while the borrower portal creates a secure hub for their Borrower Journey. Customizable to your brand, too!

  • Smart UX Design
    Loanzify's mobile-friendly interview-style questionnaire uses clear instructions, help prompts, and a progress bar to visually motivate borrowers to complete their application. Spanish 1003 also available.
  • Configurable Automation
    Configure your 1003 with Loanzify's built-in "if-this-then-that" automation. Quickly add questions and drop-downs, edit text, and hide fields to suit your intake needs. No coding required!
  • Branded Borrower Journey
    Make it your own! Add your logo and profile picture, edit the home screen and navigation, and customize the color scheme and content to match your brand's look and tone.
Borrower Journey
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Dynamic Needs List With Automation

Borrowers upload documents to a secure and organized digital environment, eliminating tedious data entry tasks. You and your borrower can check the status at any time from any device!

  • Needs List
    Loanzify POS intuitively moves the loan forward with a self-guided Needs List. Automated notifications, reminders, and instant asset verification with real-time status checks streamline and accelerate the intake process.
  • Adaptable and Accessible Uploader
    Borrowers can easily upload documentation via drag-n-drop or photo using their mobile device or desktop. From the encrypted cloud-based portal, you can quickly review, accept or reject the files.
  • Secure Compliance
    Loanzify POS adheres to globally accepted security standards and SOC-2 compliant data centers. The 256-bit SSL certificates keep sensitive data private while entering, sharing, and in storage while also meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Credit Pull with Borrower Self-Pay

Loanzify POS automates and mobilizes the asset verification process for maximum speed and profitability.

  • Integrated Credit Reporting
    Loanzify POS integrates with an extensive network of Credit Reporting Agencies, including yours. Simply add your credentials, and you're ready to go!
  • CreditConnect (In-App Credit Self-Pay)
    An industry game-changer! Eliminate $ 1,000's from your bottom line by allowing borrowers to pay for their credit report from within the app.
  • Flexible Workflow
    Loanzify POS adapts to your mortgage workflow and verification needs with options like credit Refresh and Soft-Pulls.
Credit Pull
Pre-Approval Letters for Borrowers & Agents

Pre-Approval Letters for Borrowers & Agents

Empower your borrower and real estate partners with dynamically branded, on-demand pre-approval letters. Instant gratification!

  • Self-Serve
    Borrowers and real estate agents can instantly auto-generate pre-approval letters. Your borrowers love the freedom and possibilities that on-demand letters afford them.
  • Branded
    Customize your pre-approval letters with your logo, contact information, and even edit the templated text for instant branding. Delight and impress with minimal effort.
  • Hassle-Free Control
    Set it and forget it! Preset the max pre-approval amount for each file and watch the pre-approval letters roll in without any further effort on your part.

User-Friendly Milestone Tracker

Confidently manage and expedite multiple loan files while keeping all stakeholders informed on the loan status.

  • Automated Loan Guide
    Loanzify POS Milestone Tracker is a hands-off, pressure-free way to guide your borrowers to application completion while giving you the insight to manage loan files remotely.
  • Configurable
    Customize the predefined milestones by expanding the timeline or minimizing it to fit your needs & requirements.
  • Automated Updates
    Instant notifications inform you and any predetermined stakeholder of changes to the loan file, making staying up-to-date fast, simple, and transparent.
User-Friendly Milestone Tracker
Day-1 Certainty

Day-1 Certainty

Loanzify POS connects with the top third-party vendors for a complete digital mortgage solution.

  • Convenience & Speed
    VOA and VOE integration offers an accurate and obstacle-eliminating way to adance the verification process.
  • Styling
    Choose from manual or hybrid modes for impactful UI styling possibilities.
  • Expanded Reporting
    Comprehensive reporting and audit trails are available for enterprise clients.

Collaborate with Team & Partners

Provide your borrowers and stakeholders the information they need --in real-time --with Loanzify's multiple channel communication platform.

  • Borrower Connect
    Keep everyone engaged and motivated with configurable and automated SMS texts, templated emails, and autoresponders. Connect one-on-one with your borrower with Loanzify's in-app instant messaging.
  • Team Collab
    Loanzify POS automatically records all communication and actions taken on the loan file. Plus, features like back-office notes, checklists, team chat, and configurable partner access make for a productive and mobile workflow.
Collaborate with Your Loan Team and Real Estate Partners with Group Messaging
Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Loanzify's notification system naturally boosts your closing rates and productivity with automation.

  • Enabling
    Event- and data-driven actions trigger critical alerts to be sent via chat, push notification, email, or SMS, enhancing transparency.
  • Kickstart
    Loanzify comes with professional pre-written emails that you can edit to match your tone and branding.
  • Unify & Simplify
    Loanzify's deep integration with your preferred LOS and CRM vendor means you can easily adjust notifications to eliminate duplication and clutter. Enjoyable and Valuable Loan Tools for Everyone Manage your pipeline for optimum efficiency while delivering a remarkable Borrower Experience.

Tools to Delight your Borrowers & Partners

Confidently manage your pipeline for maximum efficiency and profitability while delivering a phenomenal Borrower Experience.

  • Borrower Connect
    Hook prospects right from the start with Loanzify's attractive and accurate in-app mortgage calculators. Users can determine monthly payments, APR, amortization, principal & interest, and payoff date. Extra components like mortgage insurance, HOA, hazard insurance, and local property tax personalize and entice even more engagement.
  • API Capable
    Loanzify POS mobile office capabilities increase exponentially with our open API that readily allows you to create deep integrations between your CRM, LOS, credit pull, e-sign, and all essential loan service providers.
  • 360-Degree Workflow
    Expand and customize your workflow. Loanzify interfaces with necessary 3rd-party applications like video-conferencing, campaign managers, accounting software, project management, and more.
Tools to Delight your Borrowers & Partners

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