Loanzify 2.1.1 is now released

We have released version 2.1.1 of the Loanzify Mobile App. Below are the features added in the latest release which will translate to the same enhancements with the enterprise derivatives:

Enhanced Document Scanning

  • Crop / Rotate
  • Convert to secure/encrypted PDF
  • Multi-page scanning

VA Calculator

  • VA disability rating

Speed Improvements



Enhanced Document Scanning

a) Crop / Rotate


In version 2.1.1 of the Loanzify, we have introduced the new and improved Document Scanning and Upload features. You can now Crop and Rotate each photo or document for better legibility and format. This is a key feature enabling app users to eliminate unnecessary clutter from the uploaded forms and
documents and hence help Loan Officer and/or Loan Processors be more efficient processing the loans.







b) Covert to Secure PDF

All scanned documents are now converted to secure PDF files for easy processing and exchange and are stored in the cloud for ease of access using any device at any time. In the back office of the app, you may download individual PDF files, or a selected group of files archived together into a single ZIP file.



c) Multi-Page Scanning



Many of the documents required of borrowers by the Loan Officers or Underwriters are lengthier than a single page. Hence, our Document Scanner allows for assembling multiple pages into a
single PDF file for security and ease of transfer and processing. This feature comes in specially handy for sending larger documents such as Tax Returns or multi-page letters of explanation.







VA Calculator




We have added the additional parameter of “VA disability rating of 10% or more” to our
VA calculator. Per VA rules, if you are a veteran getting disability compensation for service-related
medical issues, you are exempt from the VA funding fee for your VA home loan. This feature has made our VA calculator the most accurate and relevant in the market.






Speed Improvements

Last but not least we have dramatically improved the initial loading of the app. This will certainly lead to improved user experience on the Loanzify app and all of its Enterprise derivatives.

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