Video Tutorials

GO LIVE Basics

Here you will learn how to quickly and easily update your A record (fancy word for 'who is your website builder?') and point your website to our IP address.

QuickStart User Guide

Watch this LenderHomepage Quick Start Video to learn how to manage the 1003 application portal, customize your Smartapp 1003 application landing page, and get up and running today! Visit us at for more digital mortgage tools.

Managing Additional Users

In this short video we will show you how to add and then manage, additional users on your Lender homepage account, like Loan officers and Branches.

New Plaid Reports

We've just made our Point of Sale integration with Plaid Asset Verification even better! Watch this short video to see how you can benefit!

LendingPad Integration

This video describes how to set up and use the POS with LendingPad LOS. It includes posting Fannie Mae files and uploading documents.

Document Workflow

In this short video we will go over “Document Workflow” for Loanzify POS users. We will go over how easily borrowers upload files and how Loan Officers or the Loan Processors and assistants accept, reject, or request additional files.

Sharing Blogs on Social Media

In this video, we will show how to collect customer reviews directly from your Lender Homepage website; and also add a customer testimonial page to your website's navigation menu.

Manage Co-Branded Realtors

Learn how to manage and customize your Co-Branded Realtor Partners in the Loanzify calculator app. Manage their app menu, email auto-responder, and profile information that is displayed on the mobile calculator app.

Add Custom Page

Watch this video to help you learn how to create simple, custom web pages using the Content Management System.

Add Custom Widgets

In this short video, we'll show you how simple it is to add a custom rate widget to any of your web pages, wether they be template or custom!

Create Landing Pages

Learn how to create beautiful, FREE landing pages for your marketing purposes.

Adding Video and Source Code

Learn how to add videos, source codes (for calculators and chat) and also external hyperlinks to your web pages using the "Edit" and "Live Editor" options in the admin dashboard.

Settings - Brand Your Webpages

Watch this short video to learn how to access Settings in the back-office to change your websites template, add social media links, tracking, customize your Short Applications and much more!

New User Quick-Start

In this short video we'll show you how to get your website set up and ready to launch today!

Learn The Admin Tools

In this short video we'll show you how simple it is to quickly manage website changes using the admin tools available to you in the back-office.

Lead Generation Using Landing Pages

In this short video we will show you how to create beautifully designed, customized landing pages using our Content Management System. Use your new landing pages to market your new mortgage website.

Content Management System Guide

Watch this quick, simple to follow new user guide to help you manage the Lender Homepage Content Management and set-up your new website in minutes!

Quick Intake

Watch step by step how and when to use your quick intake features.

Edit Communication Settings

Learn how to edit and customize your communication settings and how each phase of the loan process is communication to your borrower or loan team.

Set up Zapier Integration

Learn how to set up our Zapier integration and create powerful automations from loans applications submitted by borrowers. Create new MailChimp subscribers, new ActiveCampaign or Tabrasa leads, new Trello cards and more!

Export and Import FNM 3.2

Learn how to take FNM's you already have and import into your POS OR export into FNM 3.2 to upload to into your LOS or any other need.

Edit and Create Email & Text Reminders

Here we will walk you through how to automate test and email reminders for all sorts of scenarios, ie: Inactive applications, needed documents and more.

Create Required Documents and Triggers

Here you will learn how to add required documents, set up needs lists, and trigger required documents based on answers your borrowers give in their application.

Create a Pre-Approval Letter

In this video you will learn how to create a pre-approval letter, as well as how your borrower can create their own.

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