Local SEO

Identify your Niche
Drive Targeted Traffic

We optimize websites for search engines and even advertise your website on relevant pages that increase traffic to your mortgage website.

Why Local SEO?

Most of the potential clients who will visit your site will do so because they'll find it on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or some other search engine. Search engine traffic is more common than direct-to-site traffic, but it's not easy to get-your site must be optimized to capture this traffic. Don't worry. We do this for you.

Search engines try to display the most useful, relevant pages to consumers who type in specific keywords. Whatever the keyword combination is, Google or Yahoo or Bing will search the Web for the site that contains the most useful and relevant information connected to those keywords. We want your site to be on the first page results.

We have done that again and again for our clients with our proven methodology and can do that for you too.

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You get a live, 30-minute SEO consultation with one of our in-house SEO experts to identify your target keywords, select the search terms you wish to rank for, and outline a continuing SEO strategy. We’ll customize your site to meet the goals outlined during the consultation and submit it to all the major search engines, including Google, MSN (Live), Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and others.

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Keyword Research

We'll perform extensive research using state-of-the-art keyword tools and identify the keywords that best describe your unique market niche. We will pcik keywords with the highest KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) to make sure you rank highest among search results.

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Keyword Implementation

Once these keyword shave been identified, we will implement them throughout your site via unique content and targeted html tags. This is what is referred to as "on-page" optimization.

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Backlink Campaign

We have an extensive network of 87 search engine friendly mortgage directory websites. We'll place a link to your website on each of these sites, which will significantly improve your search engine rankings and get your brand name out there in the marketplace.

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Directory Submissions & Broker Listings

Your website will be submitted to 37 search engine friendly mortgage directories and broker listings. Directory listings include your company name, keywords, your contact info, rate information, and a "pre-qualify" lead form tied directly into your LenderHomePage.com website.

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Article Submissions

Our content team creates unique, original articles that hit your primary keywords and include links to your site. We submit these articles to relevant article press sites and directories, gaining you multiple backlinks to improve search rank and brand exposure to increase awareness and traffic.

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Blog Posts

We have developed a growing network of high-profile industry bloggers, and we provide article content for these blogs in exchange for backlinks. An original article with links to your site can improve your PageRank and industry recognition, and we regularly write and submit linked articles to bloggers on behalf of our sites.

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Forum Posts

Forums are places where ideas are shared and spread, and as a result forum posts can generate community recognition and build credibility. We operate active profiles for our clients across numerous industry forums and create posts that include backlinks to drive traction and valuable content to show expertise.

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