Pay-per-click advertising can generate high traffic and exclusive leads for your business, if it's done right. We do it right.


Get the Results You Want

Want a custom ad campaign to drive exclusive traffic to your website? LenderHomePage will create and monitor a pay-per-click campaign for you using Google's premiere AdWords platform. You won't have to worry about any of it-we manage the entire campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising can be tedious and confusing to manage. That's why we do it for you. We monitor the overall effectiveness of the ads, the click-through rates and conversion rates, and ensure the highest return on investment for every ad we run

Keyword and Ad Research

We'll take the keyword research conducted during your private SEO consultation and use it to develop ads that target the most relevant and effective search terms for your website. We'll analyze keyword cost and competitiveness to determine which keywords offer the highest return on investment.

Setup and Management

We'll take care of the development and creation of the campaign. We'll build the ads and schedule them to run with AdWords. We'll continuously monitor the effectiveness of the ads and adjust the search terms if necessary to generate additional traffic.

Custom Landing Page

You'll get a custom, branded landing page designed with a lead capture form to bring you exclusive leads. All ads will point to this landing page.


We'll keep you updated on the effectiveness of your ad campaign. You'll get reports detailing traffic, return on investment, expenses, and other relevant information.

Our Clients

mountain west financial
Motto Mortgage
mutual mortgage
American capital corp
MegaStar mortgage
American pacific mortgage
Point mortgage
Great plains bank

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