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Features List

Lenderhomepage features list.

Admin Login

Login to your Site Admin to get access to all your back-office features. Learn More.

To learn how to reset your password, click here.

Contact Information

Edit the contact information that shows up on your website. Learn More.

Template Theme

Change your website theme and color. Learn More.


Upload a logo to appear in the header of every page. Learn More.

Social Media

Add social media links to your website. Learn More.

Lead Posting

Post your leads to your favorite CRM. Learn More.

Auto Responders

Edit the email that is automatically sent to anyone who submits a lead form. Learn More.


Analyze your traffic with Google Analytics. Learn More.


Configure your lead forms. Learn More.

Global CSS Code

Modify your theme with CSS. Learn More.

Site Navigation

Edit the tabs in your site navigation. You can also create new tabs and submenus. Learn More.

Page Content

Edit your page content and meta tags. You have the option of using either Edit Mode or Live Editor. Learn More.


Edit your slideshow by changing the text or uploading new images. Learn More.


Manage and add a blog posts or change your blog settings. Learn More.

Upload Documents

Add and manage documents on your online forms page. Learn More.

Text Blocks

Create reusable text blocks for common phrases or other pieces of information which will allow you to use the text on multiple pages. When you need to change the text, just edit it once and be done. Learn More.

Partner Links

Manage the links that appear on your Partner Links page. Learn More.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages with our Landing Page Builder. Learn More.

Form Leads

View, manage, and export leads from all your online forms. Learn More.

SmartApp 1003 Leads

View, manage, and export your SmartApp 1003 applications. Learn More.

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