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Auto Responders

Edit the auto-response email that users receive whenever they submit a lead form.

Auto-Response Email Fields

From AddressSets the From Address. (Default is the email in My Account.)
Email SubjectSets the Subject Line.
Auto Responder TextSets the body content. (Default is blank.)

Edit Auto-Response Email

Make changes to the email that is sent out whenever a visitor submits a lead form. This email is blank by default.

Edit your auto-response email:

  1. Go to Settings -> Auto Responders.
  2. Type in the From Address.
  3. Type in the Subject Line.
  4. Click on the area next to Auto Responder Text.
  5. Type in the text that you would like to appear in the body of your email.
  6. Apply any formats you would like by using the toolbar.
  7. Click "Save Changes".

To test the auto-response email, go to one of your website forms, fill it out and submit.*

*Make sure to use your own email address when testing a form.

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