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Term: This subscription is a 12-month subscription beginning on the date of registration.
Billing and Payment Terms: This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. The fees for your Subscription are billed in advance, are non-refundable and automatically renew per the Term above. If the method of payment (MOP) on file fails and a new MOP is not received within 20 days of the invoice date, then a finance charge of $20 will be billed for every 20-day period until a new MOP is secured.
We reserve the right to deactivate your access to the Services for failure to pay applicable fees as described in this agreement. We reserve the right to change fees for the Subscription at any time.
Renewal: Unless intention not to renew is provided in writing to 30 days in advance of initial term expiration, agreement will automatically renew for an additional 12 months at the full product/service price. Cancellation Policy: Either party may terminate this subscription upon completion of the initial Term without cause by giving the other party written notice of termination of at least 30 days by sending an email to For clarity, if you cancel your plan prior to the conclusion of your current subscription period, you are responsible for payment of all subscription fees through the term of the subscription period and the 30-day cancellation period.
Upon completion of the 30-day notice period you will lose all access to the Service and any parts thereof, including, but not limited to, your Account, Login ID, and all information stored within your LenderHomePage instance.
Terms & Privacy: By beginning this subscription, you agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy found at the following links:
LenderHomePage Terms of Service
LenderHomePage Privacy Policy
If you disagree with any parts of the terms, then you may not access the Service. Additionally, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.
Authorization: By engaging in this subscription, I agree that LenderHomePage is authorized to charge me for all fees due during the Subscription Term and any renewal term. I certify that I am authorized to enter into this binding agreement for the company or organization making the purchase.

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