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Should I buy or rent ?
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Rent Analysis Home Ownership Analysis
Years to Rent: 5 Mortgage Payments: 43,167.64
Average rent: 774.53 Taxes and Insurance: 11,250.00
Total Rent and Insurance: 46,472.05 Maintenance: 4,500.00
House Purchase Equivalent: 92,053.66 Tax Savings: 16,669.20
Ownership Investment: 42,086.84
Home Analysis Rent vs Buy Analysis
Monthly Mortgage Payment (PI): 719.46 Monthly Rent Savings: 207.43
House Appreciation Value: 191,442.23 Estimated bank interest: -63.97
Proceeds Minus Costs: 178,041.28 Total Rent Savings: 12,445.59
Loan Balance: 111,665.23
Equity Appreciation: 36,376.05 Home Purchase Benefit: 23,930.46

Enter estimated Rent, Home Purchase, and Financial Information. This calculator analyzes the total cost to rent versus the total cost to own. To estimate taxes, insurance, and maintenance, select appropriate box. Not all calculated values are displayed. Home appreciation and rent increase values vary by area.

A positive/negative Home Purchase Benefit indicates the financial advantage/disadvantage of owning your own home. Various intangible factors can be analyzed in this decision such as relocation possibilities, pride of ownership, improved lifestyle, etc.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this calculator. You should check with your finance provider before entering into any contracts.
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