HTTPS:// Free SSL Certificate for All DELUXE Plan Websites

In the old days, moving information securely over the web was all about HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). That’s why every web address starts with HTTP.

The trouble is that plain HTTP is not as secure as one would hope. HTTP transports information in plain text and it leaves it pretty open for anyone to intercept it!

And it’s not just the run-of-the-mill coffee shop hacker at the local coffee shop, but also your internet service provider (ISP). Like a switchboard operator, they can “listen in” on your information.

Even the government is listening in. Snowden confirmed that for us.

Whether it’s an ISP, the government, data collection firms, or hackers with ill intentions if your site is available and open to “read”, it’s very likely that someone is reading it!

Back in 1994, Netscape Communications saw the trouble and added encryption to HTTP with an encryption protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

This enhanced security measure is known as “HTTP over SSL” or “HTTP Secure,” but more commonly as HTTPS.

Read on to find out how you can add an additional layer of security with HTTPS to your mortgage website.

Google Demands it – Advanced Security With HTTPS 

Fast forward to today, more than 50% of all websites are HTTPS. The ultimate goal is to have all website traffic encrypted by default. That is what Google demands, and it actually favors all sites that use HTTPS.

The great news is that the transition is happening quickly, however, it’s still largely up to you as a web owner as to whether you want to take advantage of it.

Establish Trust and Gain Ranking with an Enhanced SSL

While encryption has always been a feature that we include in all products, we now include an enhanced HTTPS with our Deluxe and Enterprise plans at no additional cost.

This preferred web server certification is also considered as a ranking factor by search engines, possibly increasing mortgage site ranking on search queries.

Have you experienced the digital mortgage difference from LenderHomePage? Call our helpful account representatives today and ask about our Enhanced SSL for mortgage websites! 888-377-1265

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2 thoughts on “HTTPS:// Free SSL Certificate for All DELUXE Plan Websites

  1. Ruthie Mickey Reply

    I have the Deluxe site and am interested in the added security certificate. (https)
    Please let me know what if anything is required of me.
    Thanks !

    • LHP blog Post authorReply

      Hello, Ruthie!

      I’ve sent your inquiry to support. They will be in touch shortly. Have a fantastic day and thank you for choosing us as your Digital Mortgage partner!

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