5 Reasons Your Mortgage Business Needs a Landing Page

Why do I need a landing page if I have a website?

Don’t they do the same thing?

Sometimes the smallest of misunderstandings are the most costly –and the lack of a landing page is the perfect example. Mortgage businesses often overlook using a landing page because they see it as unnecessary because they already have a website or they simply don’t know how to set one up.

However, a landing page is so much than a web page — it’s a vital part of your online marketing efforts! If your mortgage business is not taking advantage of it, it could be costing you thousands in revenue.

But before we share the five reasons that your mortgage business needs a landing page, we want first to clarify the obvious question:

How are websites and landing pages different?

A landing page is a stand alone web page whose purpose is to capture the prospect’s information through a lead-capture form.

The information you ask for could be as little as a name and email address. However, you could ask for more details such as phone number, their estimated credit score, whether they’re a veteran or first-time homebuyer, or even the loan amount they are considering applying for.

Landing pages also don’t have other pages, such as “about” or “resources.” The landing page lacks any tab that would entice the visitor to click out. Some landing pages may include special offers such as a free report or webinar, however, your special offer is given in exchange for the visitor’s information –as that is the ultimate goal of the landing page!

Now that you understand the basics of how mortgage landing pages differ from your company website, learn about the additional benefits they hold!

Why your mortgage business needs a landing page

1. Increase Leads
Like we mentioned above, the purpose of a landing page is to encourage a visitor to take one particular action; so the entire landing page is created so that visitors only take this action (such as giving you permission to contact them). Landing pages are a functional web page that excels at lead generation.

2. Better Quality Leads
Not only will you get more leads with a landing page, but you’ll also notice an improvement in the quality of leads.

When visitors go to your landing page, they’ll have two choices: stay on that page or click out. Unlike the standard website, the visitor can’t be distracted to explore other pages. If they stay, that means the visitor has found the information they were searching for.

In essence, the visitor is warmed up to your offer and gives you permission to contact them to learn more.

3. Have Multiple Audiences
You can design a landing page to target a specific audience, such as veterans or low down-payment borrowers, instead of borrowers in general. The laser focus of the landing page to a specific niche and a particular objective adds to the effectiveness of quality leads.

4. Collect Insight About Your Leads
Every lead capture filled out gives your loan officers a baseline of information. Asking the visitor about the best times to call, ways they prefer to be contacted, or if they have already begun searching to buy a property helps loan officers be prepared before they reach out to the prospect.

5. Improves Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Successful PPC campaigns rely on click-through rates, and landing pages are a big influence click-through rates. For example, when we create a Google Ad for our clients, we research keywords and key phrases for relevance, volume, and cost (among other factors). Using these findings, we create a robust marketing campaign that drives traffic exclusively to your landing page.

When Google sees that the landing page is highly relevant to the users search, it’s more likely to display your ad.

And when the user sees a landing page dedicated to the solution they seek, the more likely it is that the user will take action!

The multi purpose brilliance of landing pages in marketing and generating leads can’t be ignored, and that’s why we’ve included it with our Deluxe and Enterprise Mortgage Website solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our dynamic Mortgage Landing Pages templates or to inquire about custom built landing pages with pay-per-click advertising.

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