LenderHomePage integrates with LendingTree platform

LenderHomePage has integrated with LendingTree platform so borrowers have the ability to continue with a full 1003 application after filling out the lead form.

Once a Borrower completes the LendingTree’s online lead form and is matched with a Lender, they are offered the opportunity to “Apply Now” and continue with the full 1003 application. After choosing to apply, the Borrower is taken to the Lender’s co-branded digital 1003 with the preliminary data dynamically integrated into the online application. LenderHomePage.com’s online application process is user-friendly, seamless, and secure.

If you are using LendingTree as your lead source and would like to take advantage of this feature, contact your LenderHomePage sales rep to co-brand the new online 1003.   Call 888-377-1265

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2 thoughts on “LenderHomePage integrates with LendingTree platform

  1. Bob Windom Reply

    I don’t want Lending Tree mentioned anywhere on my site. Will it be?

    • LHP blog Post authorReply

      Hello, Bob! No, LendingTree will not be mentioned on your site unless you add those mentions yourself. Hope this clears things up for you!

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