SmartApp1003 Enhancements – Disclaimer Proof , Export to CSV

We have introduced 2 brand new and highly requested features to our SmartApp1003.  SmartApp1003  is already the most agile mobile online 1003 in the marketplace, and with the addition of the following 2 features will establish its preeminence even more.




Disclaimer Proof

Our users (Loan Officers and Branch Managers) have long been asking for a way to to provide proof that a borrower indeed filled out the SmartApp 1003 and clicked off the initial disclaimers.  We no have that available for every app.  Once you click on the Disclaimer Proof link, a PDF will be created which will ahve the following info on it


  • Borrower Name
  • Borrower Contact info
  • Borrower IP address
  • Disclaimers (checked off)
  • Date / Time stamp of App












Export to CSV

Every app has always been exportable as a Fannie Mae 3.2.  Now all fields (including the custom fields) can be exported to a CSV file which makes it even more compatible for CRM’s and other third party vendors.



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