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Newsletter Drip Marketing

Newsletter is a great way to maintain contact with your client

A newsletter is a great way to maintain contact with your clients without having to make costly time commitments. Spend more time acquiring new clients and expanding your business while at the same time maintaining great relationships with your existing clients.

Maintain an email and client database all from the web, and easily create HTML newsletter emails from a pre-made template or from scratch all from an online content editor. Use personalized newsletters to maintain great relationships with current and future clients. We even include a years worth of pre-written articles for you to get started!

1. Create

  • Full control over appearance and layout of your email
  • Choose from pre-existing templates
  • Customize all the text and links that appear in your newsletter
  • Insert pictures and sound clips easily through a web interface

2. Maintain

  • Archive all of your past newsletters
  • Manage your own templates and data
  • Complete mailing address control (from adding, removing, and massive list management)
  • Upload CSV email lists for easy email list generation

3. Send

  • Send emails immediately or schedule them for delivery at a later time
  • Create and schedule emails for a "drip" email campaign
  • Send emails at any frequency you want - daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

FREE Mortgage Marketing Tip: Use our newsletter manager to create a monthly newsletter that you can set at one time and forget for the rest of the year! Just setup emails to be delivered once a month and our system will take care of the rest. Even better, ask us about dropping in a "Join Newsletter" opt in box on your homepage so people can automatically be added to your email list at anytime.

To learn more about our newsletter marketing tools, please call us at 888-377-1265 or request a quick product demo here.