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Mortgage Flyers

If you've come across this article, then you already know how powerful a well designed and presented mortgage flyer can be to your business. Mortgage flyers can be used to initiate relationships with new clients as well as help strengthen your relationships with existing clients.

Most mortgage marketing flyers get lost in the groups of mail because they follow the same outdated format that people have grown accustomed to seeing for years. Think outside the box and separate yourself from your competition. No one really cares what you look like or how many house pictures you can fit in on a piece of paper. Your flyer needs to be unique enough so people will take the time to read the flyer. Once again think outside the box and implement a creative design, gimmick, and engaging text.

1) Your design needs to be clean and professional looking, but at the same time unique enough to differentiate from the thousands of mortgage flyers already out there. Before you design your mortgage flyer, save and gather all the flyers that you come across. Put them all together and look for common elements. Look for patterns and avoid them. This will give you a good basis to start developing your unique mortgage marketing flyer.

2) Create a unique idea or gimmick for your flyer. The best way to get ideas for your mortgage flyer is to notice advertising that catches your attention. We are exposed to advertising non-stop in our daily lives, so the next time an advertisement gets your attention, analyze the ad and utilize the advertising techniques.

3) The text must be engaging and able to evoke a psychological reaction from the reader. If you are advertising a free cruise with each purchase, don't just say "Get a free cruise with each loan." Instead, paint a picture for them, "Live worry free! Imagine sipping drinks on yacht in the Caribbean worry free, because back at home, I am making sure everything is going ok with your mortgage and your home."

Now that's you've developed your mortgage flyer, apply it in other arenas besides just a mailer. Get it printed in magazines, newspapers, and anywhere else that it would reach potential clients.

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